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Conundrum Publishing was founded by USA Today bestselling author and veteran publisher and marketer NICK THACKER. He believed that there was a better way to get books into the hands of readers globally, and he wanted to share his process with others. Far too many excellent writers have had their work fall into the black void of obscurity.

But no more!

From day one, Nick wanted to provide both established and up-and-coming authors with a better way to publish their stories. Included in that concept are world-class book covers, a talented behind-the-scenes team, and a professional website.

As Nick's dream grew and he began to sign one fantastic author after the other, so too did the workload grow. But he had a plan for that...

Enter international bestselling author MATT JAMES.

Matt hopped on board shortly after Conundrum's founding. He does everything under the moon to keep the company operating as the well-oiled machine it is. From the moment Matt was brought into the fold, he had one goal that stood above all the others. He wanted to grow Conundrum's online presence through whatever avenues possible.

The Real-Life Fiction podcast was birthed from that. Available as a YouTube video show, as well as an audio-only podcast, RLF was created to showcase the book industry's finest talents.

If you're aspiring to become the next New York Times bestseller or you're someone without a lot of experience publishing and marketing your work, let us at CONUNDRUM PUBLISHING give you a hand. We are always accepting submissions and look forward to working with you in the near future.


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