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DARK ISAND eCover.png


An Action-Adventure Thriller

Like the "Dark Continent" of Africa, the dark island of Madagascar holds many chilling secrets. One of them is a long thought extinct species of carnivores living at the country’s core.


A massive earthquake rocks the mountain range within the Andringitra National Park. The splitting earth reveals a network of tunnels, hidden away from modern man. Responding to the series of violent upheavals, a pack of the hypersensitive predators flee their subterranean home, frenzied and hungry.


Ian Hunt lost his wife to the creatures that night, and he’s still haunted by what happened. The retired Special Forces soldier begrudgingly accepts an offer to lead an exploratory team into the rock. What Ian and his team uncover is the discovery of a lifetime…if they survive long enough to tell anyone.


Extinction is alive and well at the heart of the DARK ISLAND.

Fans of Journey to the Center of the Earth, Land of the Lost, and Jurassic Park love Dark Island!


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