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A Charlee Flynn Adventure


Embark on a riveting journey into the treacherous world of mercenaries, pirate treasure, and family secrets in The Cursed Thief, a thrilling, action-packed adventure by international bestselling author Matt James.


Ye be warned. Turn back or die.


In the sun-soaked Bahamas, a long-lost diary belonging to the notorious pirate Anne Bonny surfaces, revealing the existence of a clandestine buccaneer sanctuary turned tomb—all centered around a single jewel, the Diamond of Despair. Can it be found? And more importantly, should it be found? The Flynn family is about to confront these perilous questions head-on.


For seventeen-year-old Charlotte "Charlee" Flynn, life takes an unexpected turn when she discovers the true identity of her parents, Sean and Sydney. Raised to believe they traveled the world as rare antiquities experts, Charlee learns the shocking truth: Her mom and dad are “Black Market acquisitions specialists.”


To put it plainly, they’re THIEVES.


As an enemy from Sydney's past reemerges, the Flynns are forced to flee their beautiful Costa Rican home. To protect Charlee from the incoming threat, her parents must unleash their skills, reluctantly turning their daughter into their apprentice.


But Charlee isn’t your average teenager.


Since she could remember, Charlee has been obsessed with ancient ruins, fabled relics, buried treasure, and lost civilizations. You could say she was born for this life…


The quest for the Diamond of Despair becomes a race against time, with the past and present colliding in an exhilarating tale of daring adventure tested against the backdrop of a ruthless underworld jam-packed with scoundrels and criminals.


Fans of James Rollins, Clive Cussler, and Ernest Dempsey will love this fast-paced thrill ride!


THE CURSED THIEF is the first book in international bestselling author Matt James’ spirited action-adventure series, The Charlee Flynn Adventures.

CHARLEE 2 eCover.png


A Charlee Flynn Adventure


The exhilarating sequel to Matt James' bestselling action-adventure novel, The Cursed Thief, is a high-stakes thrill ride that overflows with adrenaline-fueled suspense, captivating exploration, and heart-pounding chases that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Billions of dollars in pillaged loot suddenly vanishes somewhere in Southeast Asia during World War II. Eight decades later, it's on the verge of being found by some rather unscrupulous characters.

General Tomoyuki Yamashita of the Imperial Japanese Army allegedly helped orchestrate an enormous looting operation in Southeast Asia during World War II. As he relentlessly swept through the region, he amassed an unimaginable wealth, including 6,000 tons of gold. The objective was to fund Japan’s war effort. However, the fortune mysteriously disappeared toward the end of the war, sparking a myriad of rumors involving sunken ships, as well as hidden caches deep within the Philippine rainforests.

Three weeks ago, Charlee Flynn’s world was set ablaze. But like the remnants of a forest burnt, new life is often birthed from the ashes of tragedy. Charlee’s world didn’t end that day, rather, it served as the launching point for a new chapter in her life.

Led by the Book of Thieves, Charlee and her parents, Sean and Sydney, embark on a death-defying quest to uncover the veiled location of the wartime loot. Unfortunately, they aren’t the only ones...

The Sea Dragons, a merciless band of marauders, are determined to seize the riches at any cost. Amidst this tangible danger, whispers of another, more ancient threat surface.

A mythological guardian is said to protect the treasure hoard, prepared to unleash a cataclysmic fury on anyone who dares disturb its sanctum.


THE GOLDEN TIGER is the second book in international bestselling author Matt James’ spirited, action-adventure Charlee Flynn series. Fans of James Rollins, Clive Cussler, and Ernest Dempsey will love this fast-paced thrill ride!


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