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An Archaeological Thriller


Take part in an exhilarating crusade through the veiled passages of history and time’s enigmatic secrets in The Blood King, an adrenaline-fueled thriller that skillfully blurs the lines between myth and reality.


Jacob Fehr has devoted his life to neutralizing high-level threats. From his days in Unit 217, an elite division within the Israel Defense Forces, to his current service with the Mossad, Jacob's skills have been honed in the crucible of undercover operations across the Middle East. Little does he know that his most challenging mission is about to unfold.


Naomi Fehr, a brilliant historian and archaeologist, unearths an ancient ruin in Jerusalem that defies the limits of reality. As she and her colleagues delve into the enigma, they stumble upon a truth that draws the attention of a clandestine organization shrouded in a 2,000-year-old mystery that seeks the same knowledge. As a result, they ruthlessly attack the Israel Antiquities Authority headquarters and leave chaos in their wake.


Miraculously escaping the brutal attack, Naomi and her department head seek refuge with the only person they can trust, Naomi's twin brother, Jacob.


From the vibrant streets of Tel Aviv to the misty Scottish Highlands, the Fehrs must combine their unique talents to uncover the orchestrators behind the bloody assault. The stakes intensify as they race against time to prevent the shadowy group from obtaining their ultimate prize, the HOLY GRAIL, as well as the legendary gift it's said to bestow upon those who possess it.


Fans James Rollins, Dan Brown, and Ernest Dempsey love The Blood King!

THE BLOOD KING is a modern-day Grail Quest filled with edge-of-your-seat action, pulse-pounding adventure, and mind-blowing supernatural elements. It is the first book in international bestselling author Matt James’ archaeological thriller series, Relics of God. DO NOT miss this one!

RELICS 2 eCover.png


An Archaeological Thriller


From the international bestselling author of The Venetian Pursuit and The Cursed Thief comes the next great archaeological thriller! The sequel to Matt James' smash hit, The Blood King, is available for pre-order now!

The Holy Grail has been found, but it came at a devastating cost.

Following the events of The Blood King, siblings Jacob and Naomi Fehr ascend to positions of prominence within the Army of God. Entrusted with a mission to locate the remaining Relics of God, they set out alongside their most trusted allies to fulfill an ancient prophecy, one that promises to unlock the Gates of Paradise.

Time is of the essence, for others harbor similar desires.

The Acolyte has tendrils deep within the world’s governments and militaries. With the demise of Alpha, its former leader, Beta assumes command and mobilizes forces to confront the Army of God head-on, determined to secure the Holy relics first. Beta is a man of treacherous influence, leveraging his social media empire to shape civilization according to the Acolyte's vision.

“Free will” emerges as a powerful weapon in this clash of ideologies. If the STAFF OF GOD falls into the hands of evil, it will possess the ability to shape mankind's destiny as it sees fit. That is something the Army of God cannot allow.

The battleground is set, and the war for humanity’s freedom has begun.

Fans James Rollins, Dan Brown, and Ernest Dempsey will love The False Prophet!

THE FALSE PROPHET continues the battle of good versus evil, overflowing with nerve-racking suspense, frenetic adventure, and vivid action. It is the second book in international bestselling author Matt James’ archaeological thriller series, Relics of God.


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