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The Cursed Thief (Charlee Flynn 1): OUT NOW
The Blood King (Relics of God 1): OUT NOW
The Cursed Thief (audiobook): COMING SOON
The Venetian Pursuit (audiobook): COMING SOON
The Lost Legion (Jack Reilly 6): PRE-ORDER NOW
The Blood King (audiobook): COMING SOON
The Golden Tiger (Charlee Flynn 2):
The False Prophet (Relics of God 2): PRE-ORDER NOW


The Cursed Thief book 1 of the Charlee Flynn Adventures by international bestselling author Matt James
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A Charlee Flynn Adventure

Embark on a riveting journey into the treacherous world of mercenaries, pirate treasure, and family secrets in The Cursed Thief, a thrilling, action-packed adventure by international bestselling author Matt James.

Ye be warned. Turn back or die.

In the sun-soaked Bahamas, a long-lost diary belonging to the notorious pirate Anne Bonny surfaces, revealing the existence of a clandestine buccaneer sanctuary turned tomb—all centered around a single jewel, the Diamond of Despair. Can it be found? And more importantly, should it be found? The Flynn family is about to confront these perilous questions head-on.

For seventeen-year-old Charlotte "Charlee" Flynn, life takes an unexpected turn when she discovers the true identity of her parents, Sean and Sydney. Raised to believe they traveled the world as rare antiquities experts, Charlee learns the shocking truth: Her mom and dad are “Black Market acquisitions specialists.”

To put it plainly, they’re THIEVES.

As an enemy from Sydney's past reemerges,
the Flynns are forced to flee their beautiful Costa Rican home. To protect Charlee from the incoming threat, her parents must unleash their skills, reluctantly turning their daughter into their apprentice.

But Charlee isn’t your average teenager.

Since she could remember, Charlee has been obsessed with ancient ruins, fabled relics, buried treasure, and lost civilizations. You could say she was born for this life…

The quest for the Diamond of Despair becomes a race against time, with the past and present colliding in an exhilarating tale of daring adventure tested against the backdrop of a ruthless underworld jam-packed with scoundrels and criminals.

Fans of James Rollins, Clive Cussler, and Ernest Dempsey will love this fast-paced thrill ride!


THE CURSED THIEF is the first book in international bestselling author Matt James’ spirited action-adventure series, The Charlee Flynn Adventures.

The Venetian Pursuit book 5 of the Jack Reilly Adventures by international bestselling author Matt James
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A Jack Reilly Adventure

Narrated by Matthew Crow

“Jack Reilly is one of my favorite characters to perform. Matt's an amazing storyteller!”
—Matthew Crow, voice of The Jack Reilly Adventures


The Lost Legion book 6 of the Jack Reilly Adventures by international bestselling author Matt James
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A Jack Reilly Adventure


From the international bestselling author of The Blood King and The Cursed Thief comes the latest installment in the beloved Jack Reilly Adventures series. Brace yourself for an exhilarating, edge-of-your-seat, archaeological thriller that will captivate die-hard fans and new readers alike!

Sometime in the second century, the Ninth Legion of the Imperial Roman Army inexplicably vanished off the face of the earth. Were they annihilated in some unrecorded battle, or was their disappearance the result of something far more secretive?


Jack Reilly is nearly finished with an extended vacation in Rome. Alongside him is Mayleen Wu, former Chinese operative and Jack’s newfound love. Posing under aliases, they attend a private event set against the backdrop of the historic Roman Colosseum, one that features a remarkable display of artifacts once belonging to the elusive Ninth Legion. Among these treasures is the headpiece to the legion's quasi-sacred aquila, their revered eagle standard.


The evening takes a perilous turn as an armed unit storms the black-tie affair. The intruders are determined to claim what they believe is rightfully theirs. To do so, they need the headpiece. Chaos unfolds, and as the hostile force vanishes into the night, a cryptic message arises, invoking an ancient birthright.


The militarized descendants of Rome's lost legion have emerged from the shadows, driven by a clear mission: complete the covert, 2,000-year-old quest of their ancestors. The tomb of Alexander the Great, along with the immense fortune it holds, must be found!

The Lost Legion is a relentless pursuit that unfolds a thrilling saga jam-packed with high-stakes adventure, historical mystery, and bone-chilling suspense.


Fans of Indiana Jones, Uncharted, and Tomb Raider love Jack Reilly!


THE LOST LEGION is the sixth book in international bestselling author Matt James’ action-packed archaeological thriller series, The Jack Reilly Adventures.


RELICS 2 eCover.png
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An Archaeological Thriller


From the international bestselling author of The Venetian Pursuit and The Cursed Thief comes the next great archaeological thriller! The sequel to Matt James' smash hit, The Blood King, is available for pre-order now!

The Holy Grail has been found, but it came at a devastating cost.

Following the events of The Blood King, siblings Jacob and Naomi Fehr ascend to positions of prominence within the Army of God. Entrusted with a mission to locate the remaining Relics of God, they set out alongside their most trusted allies to fulfill an ancient prophecy, one that promises to unlock the Gates of Paradise.

Time is of the essence, for others harbor similar desires.

The Acolyte has tendrils deep within the world’s governments and militaries. With the demise of Alpha, its former leader, Beta assumes command and mobilizes forces to confront the Army of God head-on, determined to secure the Holy relics first. Beta is a man of treacherous influence, leveraging his social media empire to shape civilization according to the Acolyte's vision.

“Free will” emerges as a powerful weapon in this clash of ideologies. If the STAFF OF GOD falls into the hands of evil, it will possess the ability to shape mankind's destiny as it sees fit. That is something the Army of God cannot allow.

The battleground is set, and the war for humanity’s freedom has begun.

Fans James Rollins, Dan Brown, and Ernest Dempsey will love The False Prophet!

THE FALSE PROPHET continues the battle of good versus evil, overflowing with nerve-racking suspense, frenetic adventure, and vivid action. It is the second book in international bestselling author Matt James’ archaeological thriller series, Relics of God.

The Cursed Thief book 1 of the Charlee Flynn Adventures by international bestselling author Matt James (Audiobook)
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A Charlee Flynn Adventure

Narrated by Erin Lin


The Sixth Seal book 2 of the Zahra Kane Archaeological Thrillers international bestselling authors Matt James and Nick Thacker
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A Zahra Kane Archaeological Thriller

A Nazi U-boat protruding from the ice in Antarctica... A group willing to kill to keep its secrets...

Zahra Kane is sent to investigate the World War II-era submersible on behalf of her new employer, the Tactical Archaeological Command. Inside, a coded document reveals a top-secret, subterranean facility deep in the desolate landscape. Accompanying the communique are the frozen remains of Allied and Axis superpowers.


Both sides were working together on something sinister.


The blank, icy canvas is transformed into a blood-red battlefield after the group responsible rises from the shadows and mobilizes a strike team to secure its long-lost research station, as well as a remnant far older than the Great Pyramid of Giza.


Fans of Indiana Jones, Uncharted, and Tomb Raider love Zahra Kane!

THE SIXTH SEAL is the second book in the action-packed Zahra Kane archaeological thriller series by international bestselling authors Nick Thacker and Matt James.


Armchair Directors Movie Podcast: Hosted by authors Matt James and Richard F. Paddon

A podcast for movie nerds. Be prepared for long-winded, rambling chit-chat. Your hosts DO NOT know how to shut up!


Action-thriller authors Matt James and Richard F. Paddon take you through their favorite movies, many of which also happen to be their biggest influences as writers. What would they do different as the film's writers, and is there such thing as a perfect movie? Listen and find out!


New episodes regularly.



Real-Life Fiction Podcast: Hosted by Matt James

A podcast from Conundrum Publishing featuring interviews with the book industry's finest talents.

Hosted by international bestselling author Matt James.



The words of a Matt James story flow like the best rivers. Smooth and subtle at times, interrupted by danger and thrills at every churn of whitewater. This guy is the real deal!
Ernest Dempsey, USA Today bestselling author of Where Horizons End


Matt James is my go-to guy for heart-stopping adventure and bone-chilling suspense!

Greig Beck, international bestselling author of To The Center Of The Earth

If you enjoy globetrotting adventures jampacked with over-the-top action, then you’ll love Matt James’ work!

Nick Thacker, USA Today bestselling author of The Enigma Strain

Matt James is the gold standard for archaeological thrillers!

Luke Richardson, international bestselling author of The Titanic Deception

If you’re looking for a fast-moving tale with action to spare, give Matt James a try!

David Wood, USA Today bestselling author of Serpent

Searching for relentless action and harrowing adventure in dangerous locales? Look no further than Matt James!
Michael McBride, international bestselling author of Chimera

Matt James is a must-read! The thrilling action, unexpected turns, and rip-roaring chases across the globe are fantastic adventures every time!

Andrew Clawson, bestselling author of The Arthurian Relic

Jack Reilly is one of my favorite characters to perform. Matt's an amazing storyteller!

Matthew Crow, voice of The Jack Reilly Adventures


Matt James reminds devotees of Indiana Jones and Nathan Drake why their love for rock-solid action-adventure springs eternal!

Rick Chesler, international bestselling author of Atlantis Gold

Matt James writes thrillers that define the genre! Neck-breaking speed and hairpin plot twists. Top notch!

Craig A. Hart, bestselling author of Serenity

Matt's novels need a pause button. They do not stop!

Lee Murray, Bram Stoker Award winning author of Into the Mist

A talented voice in the action-thriller genre!

Richard Bard, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Brainrush

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