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A Sci-Fi Action Thriller

Extraterrestrial involvement in Earth's ancient civilizations has been nothing more than conjecture...until now.

A cavity containing an alien artifact is found deep beneath a newly unearthed Dead Sea Cave in the West Bank. The object, the "Cradle," isn't a mythological container filled with the evils of the world as the Greek poet Hesiod once described. Pandora's Box is, in reality, an advanced energy core mightier than any weapon imaginable.

Shortly after the Cradle's unearthing, its discoverer, Special Forces veteran turned archaeologist Elliot Oxley, is thrust into a centuries-old war that still rages on within the shadows of the world's governments. He and a small team are forced to survive attacks by murderous zealots and well-armed mercenaries while also preventing the Cradle from falling into the hands of someone who intends to use it to fulfill a terrible prophecy.

CRADLE OF DEATH is Indiana Jones, James Bond, and The X-Files rolled into one!



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